Our brand was created in 2012 out of a need for independence, passion for tailoring and a strong conviction that a dress is so much more than a piece of fabric.

Our goal was to create clothes that give joy. Not only the joy of looking stunning and being admired, but also the sense of satisfaction resulting from making shopping decision that supports sustainability. We call it „practical glamour”, because we know that for a modern woman, glamour alone is definitely not enough.

Dresses will not save the world, but they have more power than you might think. Through what we wear – consciously or not – we express ourselves. With clothes we can empower ourselves. And no piece of clothing has as much feminine power as a dress.

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These 3 words embroidered on each of our labels mean not only the country of production, but our whole approach to running a company and work ethics. It is important to us not only what we create, but also how we create it. We sew locally, supply sustainably and run a socially responsible company. For us these are very important topics – we believe that you have to be the change you want to see in the world. That’s why we’re creating a company with high ethical standards that cares about the happiness of its employees and co-workers just as much as it cares about the satisfaction of its customers.

We have a few simple rules:

CLEAN PLAY: Only honesty towards employees, co-workers, suppliers and customers can give joy to work, resulting in a product we can be proud of.

QUALITY PAYS OFF: A quality product is not only about perfect workmanship, but also about ensuring that everyone involved in its creation has been treated ethically and fairly.

BUY LESS: A well-fitting and timeless dress is an investment in style and comfort, allowing you to feel good, look great and not have to keep looking for new outfits.

Meet Ewa, Regina and Marek – part of our sewing crew

How does this manifest itself in everyday life? Seemingly trivial things. We do not avoid taxes, we pay our employees well, we choose co-workers and suppliers who share similar values. We make sure that our activities have the least possible impact on the environment. Less waste approach is our daily bread. We choose fabrics with eco-certificates or so-called „stocks” (ends of collections of fabrics produced for large companies). We never throw away damaged or flawed models or prototypes – we offer them for sale at a symbolic fraction of the price of a full-value product. We use material cuttings for creating accessories. We sew only in Warsaw and its vicinity, which allows us to avoid unnecessary transport and the associated pollution. We pack dresses only in paper packaging, and the only plastic element is the tag which is designed not to be thrown away but to be used as a bookmark.


There is a wait for a dress ordered from us. Nothing sewn well and personalized for you, will be created on the spot. But this allows us to maintain all the values described above. There is nothing fast fashion about us.


By the way, we really just sew everything in Poland! We work with excellent seamstresses, restoring the value of craftsmanship. Each dress is sewn from start to finish, with the utmost care, by one of them.

Szyjemy Sukienki’s founder Marta talks on running ethical company for The Other Wolrd Magazine