This used to be an online shop and gallery of Szyjemy Sukienki – Polish sustainable clothing brand that specialized in made to meassure wedding gowns and occasional dresses, a well as wedding accessories and outer garments.


After almoast a decade of this adventure and gaining a unique experience in field of fashion, including getting to know the ins and outs of retail, production and inner relations between bussines owners, suppliers and craftsmen, founder and CEO of Szyjemy Sukienki made a decision to suspend the brand in order to give back her knowledge and gain further experience in areas related to fashion sustainability, circular economy and environmental, social or governance solutions for a more responsible approach to how we choose to consume.


Szyjemy Sukienki is not operating right now, but we invite you to find inspiration in our past collections. If you are a consumer seeking ethical fashion choices or a fashion brand looking to grow in a sustainable way, we invite you to visit our new project.